Vitrification Solution Set 110

Advantages Associated with Vitrification Solution Set 110

  • It is a cutting-edge Cryotec Vitrification Solution that is secure and robust.
  • Endotoxin-free Trehalose, which has the least negative effect on cells, increases safety while enabling the highest vitrification capability.
  • By lowering the density and chemical toxicity of the cryoprotectant, safety standards can be raised.
  • Moreover, by delaying the osmotic changes, a uniform protocol for oocytes in all stages is made possible. Besides, the goal is to lighten the load on oocytes and embryos.

Usage guidelines for Vitrification Solution Set 110:

  • Store it between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.
  • It is the top-selling cryo product in the world and can be used 10 times.
  • It has a one-year shelf life at the aforementioned temperature.
  • The entire procedure should be carried out between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Remember to note the oocyte and compare the thickness of the zona pellucida with the perivitelline space.

There are some procedures that must be completed in a maximum of 90 seconds and no less than a few seconds (barely 25 seconds). Besides, transfer the Oocyte/Embryo with VS to the well’s half depth. Since the oocyte or embryo floats to the top of the VS during washing, there is no need for a minimum volume of ES in the first step.

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    Once the pipette’s wall has been thoroughly cleaned with fresh VS media, all that is left to do is remove the oocyte and place it at the bottom of the well. Also, until the oocyte/embryo floating in VS stops, you must wait. Moreover, with the least amount of VS possible, transfer the oocyte or embryo from the pipette’s top end to the end of the cryptic seat. Additionally, to store the Cryotec, you must immerse it in liquid nitrogen and cover it with a cap.

    Product Specifications

    • 8 ml Equilibration Solution or ES x2
    • 8 ml Vitrification Solution or VS x4


    You must adhere to the protocol while using this product. Moreover, oocytes and embryos may sustain damage during vitrification if the process is advanced before equilibrium is reached.

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