Superior Vitrification Container

Eggs, embryos, and sperm can be vitrified via vitrification, a fast-freeze procedure that turns their liquid interiors into a glass-like state.

It is an alternative method of cryopreservation that enables living cells that are still hydrated to be cooled to cryogenic temperatures in the absence of ice. For medically assisted reproduction and fertility preservation, the best vitrification containers are used in order to guarantee the highest level of biosafety and the highest possible survival rate.

What is the Vitrification Process and Why is it Important to Understand It?

These kinds of containers are used to advance the freezing method. Not only has it made egg freezing possible, but it has also contributed to a higher IVF success rate.

Moreover, for the process to be successful, superior vitrification containers may be brought into use. The embryologist puts the eggs, embryos, or sperm in a solution containing a small amount of cryoprotectant or other unique anti-freezing agents. This draws water out of the reproductive materials using sucrose in the solution. In the following procedure, they immerse the eggs, embryos, or sperm for less than a minute in a bath containing a high concentration of the solution. It is a technique for instantly freezing substances that prevent the formation of ice crystals.

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    More containers are used to store eggs, embryos, or sperm during a vitrification process. In case one fails it is done to make sure your material will be secure.

    At GFS, We provide you with the best superior vitrification containers. Besides, delivery is made to your address and a container is provided in packs. Additionally, we give you full operating instructions as well as pointers on how to keep it safe and secure. Last but not least, you are given all information that will make your experience better.

    Why Cryotec Method is highly recommended?

    The Cryotec method is the cryopreservation technique that is most reliable. Even our experts agree that the open-style approach is simple, straightforward, and repeatable. Moreover, it is a unique device that enables reducing the volume that will be warm and cool, leading to up to 99,9% survival for oocytes and all pre-implantation embryonic stages.

    On the other hand, to prevent physical harm and contamination of any kind while being stored in liquid nitrogen, it has a plastic cap. From us, you can always expect the best products and solutions. So, don’t wait anymore and get a Superior Vitrification container by getting in touch with our coordinators!

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