Cryotech Vitri Plate For Vitrification

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We are the trusted supplier and distributor of cryotec vitri plate for vitrification, a specialized tool crafted for precision in cryopreservation procedures. This innovative vitrification plate ensures optimal sample handling and reproducibility, catering to the exacting standards of scientific and medical research applications.

Features and Advantages of Vitri Plate for Vitrification

The amazing features of the Vitri plate for vitrification come with a number of benefits.

  • These plates have no blind spaces in the wells, so washing them never results in the loss of the embryos.
  • They are suitable for the required volume of each solution (ES and VS) and have options for simple handling.
  • Placing embryos on Cryovial with the least amount of volume VS will be simpler.
  • Cryovial holders are included with each plate to help with washing and placement.
  • One dilution plate comes with a warm plate, which is necessary for quick and effective warming. Devitrification or warming failure doesn’t exist.
  • They are small and have no blind spots inside the well. The embryos are always preserved during the heating and dilution procedure.

Vitri Plate For Vitrification

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