Cryotech Vitri Plate For Vitrification

Features and Advantages of Vitri Plate for Vitrification

The amazing features of the Vitri plate for vitrification come with a number of benefits.

  • These plates have no blind spaces in the wells, so washing them never results in the loss of the embryos.
  • They are suitable for the required volume of each solution (ES and VS) and have options for simple handling.
  • Placing embryos on Cryovial with the least amount of volume VS will be simpler.
  • Cryovial holders are included with each plate to help with washing and placement.
  • One dilution plate comes with a warm plate, which is necessary for quick and effective warming. Devitrification or warming failure doesn’t exist.
  • They are small and have no blind spots inside the well. The embryos are always preserved during the heating and dilution procedure.

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