Egg donation in Mumbai

At times, due to some complications in their ovaries, some women find it difficult to conceive in a natural way they don’t produce viable eggs. There are various reasons for the same like early menopause, inadequately developed ovaries, or any prior surgery. For them, the egg donation procedure is the best option. IVF procedures can be followed after the egg donation process. There are numerous egg donation clinics in Mumbai that in this guide let’s find out everything about the egg donation process and how it works.

What is the egg donation process?

In the procedure of egg donation, fertilization of the egg that is donated is done with the sperm of the recipient partner or sperm donor. Women with fertile eggs can donate their eggs to the intended parents looking for egg donors. Couples having severe infertility problems can seek the egg donation process using IVF treatment. A couple doesn’t need to know the donor of the eggs as most egg donors remain anonymous.

The procedure of egg donation

The egg donation process is not as short as it seems to be. The process includes the following stages.

Screening and selection of donor

In the first step, the egg donation centres in Mumbai thoroughly screen the egg donor. They also screen the recipient of the eggs to determine whether they are a good match. Once they are done with screening, the procedure begins.


The egg donor and the intended mother will be placed on an oral contraceptive pill to arrange their menstrual cycle. Once done, the egg donor will be injected or medicated with fertility drugs to induce more eggs.

Egg Retrieval

When several eggs have been produced by the donor’s ovaries, a retrieval surgery will be conducted. As soon as the eggs are retrieved from the donor with the help of a needle, either they can be preserved as frozen eggs for future use or fertilized with the sperm of the intended father to form an embryo and transfer it into the intended mother’s uterus.

Embryo Transfer

Once the doctors have retrieved the eggs, the intended parent will discuss with the fertility specialist the number of embryos to transfer and the date of transfer that would suit them. If the conditions for embryo transfer worsens then they will be safely preserved and transferred at a favorable period. In most cases, more embryos are produced and are frozen so that they can be used in the future.

Egg donation is a generous step one can go for. It will bring a smile and happiness to a couple of life who is seeking a baby badly. Egg donation in Mumbai can be done easily from any clinic in the city.

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