IVF treatment

Urban India has seen a drastic increase in infertility-related cases recently and according to a report, 15 out of every 100 couples choose an alternative reproductive method (ARP). However, selecting the best IVF specialist might be challenging. The right IVF doctor can also help you avoid exorbitant expenditures, improve your chances of getting pregnant, and manage the physical and emotional stress that comes with it. Here, we have listed a few suggestions that will help you in locating the doctor or specialist offering the best IVF treatment.

It is often preferable to begin your research into IVF treatments online to have a better understanding of the process on platforms to get a sense of the cost, method, facility, as well as risks, and side effects of IVF. IVF treatment takes a lot of time and effort on a regular basis. Moreover, we should choose hospitals offering IVF lite in Mumbai over clinics since they have better equipment and more funding than clinics do.

Check the location of the IVF facility

Prior to the egg retrieval, IVF treatment often necessitates multiple hospital visits—at least 5–6 times over a two-week period. Patients still need 1-2 visits each week for ultrasounds or other procedures even if they are not participating in an IVF cycle. Therefore, the IVF clinic in Mumbai should be close to your home.

Knowing the cost of IVF treatment in Mumbai

The age of the mother and the quantity of medication are two of the many variables that affect the cost of IVF. Whether additional treatments like intra-cytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) are required or not, and whether the woman utilizes her own eggs or donor eggs, the cost of IVF can also vary.

Experts using Cutting edge technology

Please make sure the IVF doctor or clinic you choose uses technologies like cryo-preservation of embryos and pre-implantation genetic screening (PGCS). Ensure that the clinic develops embryos to the blastocyst stage, which usually occurs between 5 and 6 days following fertilization and is known to have high success rates.

Selecting the Best IVF doctors

Make sure the IVF doctor offering IVF treatment is ICMR-certified (Indian council of medical research board). Additionally, find out if the practitioner has completed a fellowship or advanced training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Other Services

To assist couples in coping with the strain and emotional ups and downs of IVF therapy, the majority of hospitals provide counseling services. Make sure to inquire about any mind-body services offered, such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, and meditation. Treatments for infertility can be emotionally exhausting and distressing. Therefore, the journey can be made easier by selecting and opting for the most appropriate IVF professional.

What makes you the right candidate for an IVF treatment in Mumbai?

Age factor

If a woman under the age of 35 is unable to conceive naturally, IVF treatment in Mumbai will be most beneficial to her. However, patients above the age of 35 can also receive the treatment.

People with unexpected infertility

In couples with unexplained infertility, IVF is quite effective. IVF is frequently successful for women who are unable to conceive naturally or using intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Women with blocked fallopian tubes

IVF is beneficial for women who have a tubal obstruction or missing Fallopian tubes. Since the IVF method completely omits the Fallopian tube, many women with tubal obstruction and missing tubes can become pregnant.

Men with sperm abnormalities

IVF is also an option for men with low sperm counts or sperm that cannot reach the eggs. To ensure the successful growth of an embryo, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is used to fertilize the egg outside of the woman’s body. ICSI is a successful treatment for males with low sperm count since it only requires one viable sperm during the millions that are ejaculated to fertilize an egg during IVF.

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