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Babies stay in an embryonic stage till the 9th week of pregnancy. After the 9th week, the term fetus is used for the baby growing inside her mother’s womb. The ability to form an embryo outside the body of a human being was a great success in the history of medical science. With this success became the origin of IVF or In-vitro Fertilization and a way to help couples who couldn’t conceive naturally. Goral Gandhi embryologist Mumbai is one of the best embryologists in India.

While the job of an embryologist might seem negligible during the entire process of the IVF journey, you should be aware of the fact that embryologists play a vital role in the success of your IVF journey. Their care for your eggs and embryo makes it possible to implant the embryo in your uterus. If you research on the websites, you will get information about the best embryologists in Mumbai.

Role of Embryologist in IVF treatment

Embryologists might not have a conversation with the patients but they do play a vital role in the fertilization of the embryo.

Maintenance of Embryology lab- It is the responsibility of the embryologist to maintain the condition of the lab in which the fertilization is performed. There are strict regulations that have to be followed to maintain the condition of the lab. Just right temperature, humidity, air quality are the prerequisites of a good embryonic lab that cannot be compromised. The embryologist maintains the entire condition.

Egg retrieval- Only the eggs cannot be retrieved from the uterus of a woman. Eggs remain inside the fluid. It is the job of an embryologist to examine the fluid under a microscope and identify the eggs that are needed to be collected. By removing the fluid eggs are gathered.

Check for fertilization- After retrieving the eggs, they are combined with sperms to get fertilized. Fertilization takes place after a day of being combined. Embryologists check the eggs by examining each of the combined eggs with a microscope if they have been fertilized.

Monitor- After the eggs are fertilized the embryologist places the eggs in an incubator that is regulated by controlled temperature and pH just like the condition of the uterus. These conditions help the fertilized eggs to form an embryo.

Generic Testing-Not only these, a biopsy of the embryos is also done by the embryologist to screen if the embryo contains chromosomal abnormalities. Genetic testing increases the possibility of a healthy pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer- An embryologist would select the best quality embryo and transfer it in the transfer catheter. Then the embryos are carefully handed to a fertility specialist to implant in the human uterus.

Cryopreservation- Preserving the eggs is also the responsibility of an embryologist. The process is called Cryopreservation. Fresh eggs are extracted from the human uterus and then they are frozen for future use the embryologist is responsible for the entire process of preservation.

Fertility experts are undoubtedly executing the entire process of IVF. However, Embryologist’ responsibilities can’t be ignored as the process of fertilization of the embryo are dedicatedly performed by them. Numerous embryologist clinics in India will provide you with the best treatment.

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