Goral Gandhi is the leading name in providing fertility solutions to couples struggling to reach their parenthood dreams. She helps you walk through your IVF journey by becoming that missing link between you and your clinic. At every step of your journey when you are in trouble, in depression, need assistance for your mental or physical health, Goral Gandhi will always be there to guide you through her infertility clinic in India.

In her 25+ years of span, she has understood all the factors that could affect fertility and the methods that could make fertility go better. There are numerous fertility treatments on which Goral holds the expertise including Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), IVF lite, and Male Infertility. She provides quality treatments at “Global IVF Fertility” an IVF center in Mumbai and also provides training to candidates who want to learn the lab setup or embryology at her specialized IVF training center named “Goral Gandhi”.

You can choose from many options as per your need whether it’s a treatment or the training being an aspirant of the field. Here are the different treatments that she offers her guidance for:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the treatment performed in the scientific labs where the egg is fertilized by sperm to make an embryo. Goral Gandhi performs IVF to help women become pregnant by treating many infertility causes at her IVF clinics in Mumbai.

Goral Gandhi is one of the well-recognized IVF doctors in India who provides expertise in IVF and world-class quality treatments to couples struggling to conceive a baby.

Here are some reasons for infertility where IVF is used:

  • Low sperm count in men
  • Issues with fallopian tubes
  • Polycystic syndrome causing problems with ovulation
  • A wish to avoid passing certain genetic health issues in your baby
  • Facing reproductive issues like endometriosis
  • Having age above 40 – Unable to conceive even after trying unprotected sex for more than a year.

Some couples may choose to use donor eggs or donor sperm mostly in cases where there are chances that any serious genetic disease could pass through the parent in the baby. Also when any woman is suffering from cancer, she opts to frozen her eggs as the treatment could affect her infertility and those thawed eggs can be used in IVF later.

How you’ll get benefitted to choose Goral Gandhi as your IVF specialist?

Fertility changes in the human body are everyday new and keep on changing with time. Doing IVF treatment every embryologist nowadays claims to know but it’s the experience that makes the treatment go successful and Goral Gandhi has that with 25+ years of experience in the field. She has seen thousands of cases in her lifetime and dealt with cases that had looked impossible once but she made them successful too.

All that miracles she does is because of her in-depth understanding of various aspects of infertility treatments including In vitro fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination, Egg Freezing, etc which provide her with the ability to make every treatment a successful one.

Goral Gandhi is the best doctor for IVF in Mumbai and is known worldwide for the advanced fertility techniques she used to make any process go successful.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

While facing fertility issues couples usually first go for Intrauterine Insemination as the first attempt for making their infertility get defy. IUI compared to other fertility treatments proves more cost-effective. It just requires washed semen to get implanted in the woman’s uterus which ensures the success of the process as the washed semen are those where the bad quality semen get eliminate and the quality ones are kept to use in the process.

Who Can Opt For It?

  • The male partner having the low sperm count or the sperms are having lower motility
  • Couples with the inability to have intercourse due to injury, disability, or difficulty, in such case sperm gets placed directly into the female uterus.
  • One facing premature ejaculation
  • Any sexual complications restricting a woman to become pregnant
  • Couples having undefined reasons for infertility can also opt for it

Goral Gandhi assists you at every step of your IUI journey at one of the best IVF clinics in India with the professional fertility team continuously analyzing you for better outcomes. During the procedure, a soft catheter is being used to get it passed through the uterus from the place of surface opening and the fertility experts at Goral Gandhi IVF specialist Mumbai takes care of all the preferences and safety for you.

The Fertility team then prepares washed semen to place it at the right place with the use of a catheter and the whole process takes just two to three minutes.

The IUI treatment isn’t much pain and can be done without using anesthesia. With Goral Gandhi at every step of your IUI journey, you can stay assured of the safety health parameters and can also start with your normal daily activities immediately after the IUI treatment. After the treatment is done, around 2 or 3 days later you’ll be called to run some blood and other tests to make sure everything going fine and towards the designed path that will lead you towards successful pregnancy with Goral.

Our teams also go ahead with Ultrasound, HMG injection, HCG natural intercourse methods, setting the dose of injections, and other formulations if required. Besides, the specialist will see whether the seminal plasma released the sperm or not. It includes some debris and white blood cells that get normally filtered out during their natural intercourse.

What are the reasons that make IUI treatment fail?

  • When the sperm count doesn’t reach the ideal quantity that is 10 million post-wash.
  • Sperm count should also come with the five or ten million average which is higher
  • Where the sperm level going below 5 million, it becomes hard to get pregnant.
  • In case one or two follicles are ideal the pregnancy can be successful but sometimes this criterion doesn’t suit some people.
  • Molecule usually spreads on day 14 or day 15. It should happen between 36 and 48 hours after the HCG injection. But sometimes also happen later than that which causes the chances to get lower for the successful.

How you’ll get benefitted to choose IUI treatment with Goral Gandhi?

Goral Gandhi provides the IUI treatment at the best prices for the last 25+ years and with over 90% of success rate in the treatments. She has been recognized worldwide for her quality treatments and techniques in the field of fertility. Based on her experience she has founded many clinics in the field of fertility and is providing her visits in many on the guest basis to provide the treatments and help to couples in making pregnancy happen. Along with the treatments provided, she provides training infertility treatments and guides all the candidates way through the uses, methods, and techniques of fertility at her IVF hospital in Mumbai with an expert team in there to give you live practice sessions too.

Therefore it is assumed that taking the help of Goral Gandhi would always be an advantage for you. With classified and advanced art treatments, she takes the process towards the threshold of success.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is the method used to save the ability of women to conceive in the future by freezing your unfertilized eggs and stored them for later use. A frozen egg can be defrosted, combined with the sperm in a lab, and embedded in your uterus.

Goral Gandhi is an expert in the process and has helped many couples in storing their fertility for future use.

And yes, many couples have reused their fertility when using IVF in Mumbai or going through any other treatment to get pregnant.

Why Egg freezing is done?

Egg freezing is the option for those who don’t want to get pregnant for now but want to save their fertility for later. The eggs put under freezing here are don’t require sperm and kept unfertilized.

Egg freezing in India is done due to several reasons:

  • Conditions that can affect your fertility might include autoimmune diseases such as lupus, and gender diversity, sickle cell anemia, is transgender, etc.
  • You need treatment for diseases that could affect your chances of getting pregnant like cancer, chemotherapy, or radiation. Freezing eggs early can save your ability to get pregnant later.
  • You’re undergoing in vitro fertilization, as some people prefer egg freezing to embryo freezing for ethical or religious concerns.
  • One wants to reserve younger eggs for future use, Freezing Eggs at a younger age might help you get pregnant later when you want.

Frozen Egg can save you from the uncertainties that might happen to you, so in such a case, you can make use of your present abilities in the future.

Prepare for Egg Freezing Process

To prepare for the egg freezing process you must consider a fertility agency with expertise in the field with best-in-class endocrinologists at the place and with all that Goral Gandhi is the best choice completing all the aspects needed for your successful egg freezing process. Before choosing a particular center you might research about it and look for many aspects to judge a clinic and success rate would be one of them. So keep in mind while researching any surrogacy agency for egg freezing especially the success rate doesn’t define how good the agency is as the age of women they treated is the actual criteria that can fairly define the clinic.

Before the egg freezing process you might undergo some testing includes:

  • Ovarian Reserve Testing: To decide the quantity and quality of your eggs, your doctor might test the concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone and estradiol in your blood on day three of your menstrual cycle. Results can help forecast how your ovaries will act in response to fertility drugs.
    Another blood test and an ultrasound of the ovaries might be used to get a more complete picture of ovarian function
  • Infectious Disease Screening: Then you’ll be tested for some infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, and C, etc to ensure the safe and successful egg freezing process.

How you’ll get benefitted choosing Egg freezing with Goral Gandhi?

Choosing egg freezing with Goral Gandhi is the smartest option you can ever make as she has dealt with many cases where she provided IVF using the stored eggs by women. Many women are looking to freeze their eggs as they delay having babies. Egg freezing costs are expensive but the egg freezing cost in India provided by Goral Gandhi comes under affordable terms which you can take advantage of.