Goral Gandhi and the fertility team have a huge experience in setting up the IVF labs of 20+ years. She knows how to build and design pharmaceutical laboratories following the norms of the World Health Organisation and Good Manufacturing Practices which ensures the quality standards in the medicinal products. Goral’s experience has helped to fulfill the required needs of quality IVF labs.

A new IVF lab setup starts with searching for architects, designers, resellers, sellers, agents, vendors, suppliers, resellers, distributors that will only lead you towards a slow and long laborious process that will go in vain into discussing and negotiating rates continuously. This will cost you your most precious thing that is “Time”.

And to save all of that cost discussions, time, efforts, and your energy, you just simply need to contact Goral Gandhi who knows how to cover all in just a pinch.

Designing of new IVF ART Laboratory

Setting up of IVF ART laboratory comply of quality that ensures the success rate in IVF treatments. Setting up, design and build a world-class IVF lab is important and to set up all that you need an expert with you.

Goral Gandhi is one with years of experience in providing treatments and setting up an IVF lab. Since the start of her career, she worked on learning how to maintain the quality standards in an IVF lab and also did her research work in Hammersmith Hospital, UK. She then served as Research Fellow in the IVF laboratory at Belgium and Egyptian IVF Center, University Hospital where she gained all the IVF and laboratory management techniques.

Designing the new IVF ART laboratory requires the experience of an embryologist, an IVF expert, and a lab designer who can help you in setting the state-of-art IVF lab. In the same context, Goral Gandhi is driven by the passion for success to ensure the continuous development and success rate in the delivery of the success rate in IVF.

IVF Lab services at Global Fertility Solution

There are numerous advantages of choosing Global Fertility Solution while either setting up your IVF lab or getting through training in IVF labs with Goral Gandhi. The IVF lab services available are:

  • 3D Lab Design
    We offer the 3D walk-through model of State of Art Computer modeling to visualize the lab even before it is ready.
  • Embryology Services
    Through the use of a lab setup, Goral Gandhi provides the embryology service by taking mature eggs from the ovary to fertilize them and to embryo transfer. Qualified and professional teams at Goral Gandhi are selected to provide these services.
  • Live Training Sessions
    We offer hands-on training or live IVF training in Mumbai where any candidate or aspirant can choose for coming under the expert training and master the IVF skills and lab management.
  • Air Quality Improvement and Evaluation
    Maintaining the air quality of the lab is important and that is also the factor deciding the successful embryo making in a lab. Therefore, Goral Gandhi majorly focuses on maintaining that air quality and helps in reciting the factors that will help in making the procedure go well.

Goral Gandhi isn’t only responsible for setting up your IVF labs but also believes in enhancing the knowledge of others by providing IVF training courses to the candidates seeking to learn in the same field. With over 600+ embryologists trained till now, she has gained excellence in effectively providing practical training at her IVF training center in Mumbai that helps them grow infertility field and make them understand the methods and importance of setting up an IVF lab.