The poor ovarian response has been an issue that affects a lot of women all over the world. But, in vitro fertilization has always been a savior for these women. If we look at the effectiveness of this method to overcome poor ovarian response, then the conventional IVF and the natural cycle IVF are no longer effective. But, things have changed, and a new strategy to overcome poor ovarian responses has been introduced, i.e., the IVF Lite.

In India, several clinics are performing the treatment procedure and helping many women cure this problem.

Here, in this article, we will be helping you to find the best performing IVF Lite treatment clinics in Mumbai.


How Much Does IVF Lite Costs?

IVF Lite is the process of fertilization in which the doctors give soft stimulation alongside a lesser amount of fertility drugs. This process helps increase the number of available eggs and hence, the chance of fertilization.


But, the success rate of this method is still dependent on some vital factors like the age of the women, other health issues, and the service offered by the clinics. The first two factors are unavoidable, but the last factor can be in our favor if we visit the best IVF lite clinic in Mumbai.


If you are worried about the charges of undergoing IVF Lite treatment in good clinics, then you should be aware of the charges very well, as this will help you to compare the extras that you are gonna pay or not. On average, the cost of an IVF cycle charged by different clinics ranges between 2.5 to 4 lakh rupees.


Things To Know While Picking The Best IVF Lite Clinic


Basic Details Of The Clinic

It is important to know the basic details like the services offered, years of experience, and the patients’ experiences getting treated in the clinic.


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These details are the first impression of a clinic that may attract a few patients towards them.


Success Rate

It is another factor that helps find a good IVF lite in Mumbai. This factor is a confidence booster, and a higher success rate offering clinics build trust among their patients.

You can know the success rate by visiting their website or by asking them their annual reports in which the rate is mentioned.



In the above part, we have given you the average cost that varies between clinics. It is always ideal to go with a clinic that offers the best services at a low cost. To know more about the charges, visit the website of different clinics and decide accordingly.


Health Insurance

This can be considered a bonus factor that will help patients reduce their overall treatment cost. Several insurance companies offer health insurance covering the IVF Lite treatment to help you make a wise decision and head for a change in life.




In this article, we have covered things that will help you find the best clinic doing IVF lite cost in Mumbai. But, in the end, it’s your decision and courage to go through the process and come out with all smiles.

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