IVF lite in Mumbai

To increase the number of available eggs, gonadotropin injections are given to the patient in the procedure of IVF treatments. Traditional IVF procedures are much expensive and associated with side effects. With the advancement of medical science, IVF Lite has been introduced which comes up with less medication and lesser side effects. IVF lite has been preferred for its association with lessened side effects.

It incurs a lower risk of Hyperstimulation syndrome. IVF lite has proved itself to be more successful than IVF treatment. It is a safer alternative with less cost. If you belong to Mumbai you will know about the IVF lite in Mumbai.

IVF Lite is an IVF protocol incredibly designed for ORM patients who are keen to get successful pregnancy through IVF at a lower cost. In the procedure of IVF Lite, doctors use a minimum approach for egg stimulation.

Steps of IVF Lite procedures

Many may just have heard about IVF Lite. The entire procedure is not known to them. The steps of IVF lite treatment have been discussed below

  • Lower dosage of medication given to stimulate increased egg growth.
  • Retrieval of eggs from the ovaries.
  • Fertilization of eggs either with the process of insemination (combining sperms and eggs) or with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (injecting a single sperm into each egg).
  • Culture of the egg that has been fertilized in the lab.
  • Transfer the embryo or a few embryos into the intended mother’s uterus.
  • Difference between traditional IVF and IVF Lite.
  • The primary difference between.

Candidates ideal for IVF lite treatment

Not everyone would opt for IVF Lite treatment as the concept is not widely popular. Here is a list of people who might want to undergo the process

  • Couples who want to lessen their cost associated with IVF and avoid higher dosage of fertility which can create many side effects opt for IVF Lite. IVF Lite also requires fewer time commitments.
  • Patients with a higher risk of injection complication.
  • Patients with declined ovarian reserve or who did not respond well to high stimulating medication in IVF cycles. Your doctor will work to find the best possible treatment for you.

Advantages of IVF Lite

IVF Lite is a gentle procedure compared to the traditional IVF treatment. The risk factor is also very less in IVF Lite treatment. If anyone in Mumbai is planning to go through the IVF process IVF treatment in Mumbai is recommended for them as it involves lesser risk and medical drugs intake is also less here.

Fewer injections, less monitoring, that reduce the count of clinic visits makes it easy for the patient to go through the process. Heavy medication and tests can also create a load on the mental health of the patient. The side effects of IVF lite are reduced and hence the patient would be healthy in the long run.

With less injection site pain abdominal discomfort, mood swings and bloating will also be minimal. Less number of excess embryos helps to dimmish the requirement of cryopreserving, which can be the case with the IVF cycle. This was a brief introduction to IVF Lite. If you are from Mumbai, you can research several IVF clinic in Mumbai that provides IVF lite treatment.

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